Sun Coast Organics Affiliate Program

Hello, and welcome to Sun Coast Organics Affiliate Program.

We have been in business for 20 years, have a wide variety of quality products and a reputation as a fare reliable business.  This results in a better than average sales % and a guaranty that we pay our Affiliate’s for any sales they have sent our way.

As you can see we sell adult herbal smoking alternatives and accessories so we have some simple guidelines.

First off we have no problem working with sites that are cannabis or hemp oriented. Because it allows us to showcase our products to people who are already smokers.

We are also happy to work with sites that are tobacco related for that very same reason.

Regardless of where the products are marketed it needs to be made clear that we only sell to legal adults and our smoking accessories are only sold for use with legal smoking alternatives.  Because that is exactly what the situation is.

Sun Coast Organics Affiliate Program Question and Answer.

Do you allow e-mail marketing?

No, we are very sorry we do not. That would result in immediate termination of the program

Where are your banners?

There are several at the bottom of this page. We believe in working with each new Affiliate to create banners that fit with their site. If someone signs up, we will provide them with banners and they can also make their own ( as long as they do not violate the terms of the program ).

How much to you pay?

Our rate is very fare and applied to all repeat orders.. Returning customers. For example, when an Affiliate refers someone to us they will receive the full % on every order and subsequent order the customer makes.

Do you offer tiers ( give Affiliates  a % of any Affiliate they refer )?

No, It is our goal to pay each Affiliate a fare % for every person they refer to us. We feel that giving a % of that to the Affiliate that refereed them makes it harder to do.

What sites or people would quality for this program?

  • Herbal Sites or Bloggers
  • Smoking oriented Sites or Bloggers
  • Sites or Bloggers that cater to a mainly adult market

The person or site:

  1. Must be legitimate and not be targeting underage people.
  2. Must not be engaging in illegal activity.
  3. Must be willing to agree to the Affiliate Program’s Guidelines.

Signing Up:

Please feel free to contact us directly if you have an questions or proposals.

You can also apply here.

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Sun Coast Organics: Herbal Smoking Alternatives & Accessories
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