Tobacco or Marijuana Smoking Cessation

Tobacco or Marijuana Smoking Cessation
Tobacco and Marijuana Alternatives for Smoking Cessation?

Are you attempting to quit smoking habitually? Regardless of what you are smoking, is it possible herbs and blends of herbs can be a useful natural alterative? This page includes some information from our experiences over the last 19 years, a couple of links to external sources on the subject and comments from people who where assisted by herbs or herbal blends.

How Herbs and Blends Can be Useful Alternatives for Smoking Cessation

Some herbs and blends have been show to be a beneficial addition to any program, but it is up to the individual as to weather or not it will be successful. Over the last 19 years we have observed this first hand. Smoking can become habit forming ( habitual ), this means it becomes something smokers minds and bodies start compelling them to do. Often when you speak to people attempting to quit smoking tobacco they mention a craving or compulsion they have to smoke. For tobacco this has proved to be physical, for marijuana it has been proven to be mental. However many people who have been habitual marijuana smokers might not quit agree with that. Finding a alterative herb or blend that a smoker enjoys smoking can be helpful when they start to get a craving to smoke. There is also the act of smoking itself that can become a routine and combined with other factors can contribute to making it harder to quit smoking habitually. Most herbs and natural herbal blends are not addicting so there is little risk of someone developing another habit. Smoke herbs and blends can also be relaxing when smoked or consumed as tea. This is a good article on different alternatives, including herbal alternatives, that someone attempting to quit smoking habitually may find useful: Herbs that Can Help You Quit Smoking. If anyone would like to have an article added here or has any helpful information regarding habitual smoking to share please feel free to leave a comment.

List of Potentially Beneficial Herbs

Some of the herbs we have observed as being usefully in aiding a smoking cessation program. There have also been several blends, but blends seem to be a more personalized.
  • Wild Dagga
  • Marihuanilla
  • Kilp Dagga
  • Wild Dagga Flowers
  • Paragon (Cannabaceae Flower buds )
  • Mugwort
This is a list of herbs that may be beneficial alternatives we acquired from external sources. Some of these herbs are recommended as teas and many are traditionally used for tea blends.
  • Lobelia
  • Valerian Root
  • Peppermint
  • Avena Sativa
  • Mimosa Pudica
If you are familiar with other herbs that may be a useful addition to a smoking cessation program please feel free to leave a comment.

Comments From People Who Have Used Herbal Alternatives in a Quit Smoking Program

These people where able to quit smoking altogether or greatly reduce their smoking with the assistance of natural herbs and blends. Herbal alternatives in some cases can assist people in their quest to stop smoking habitually, but it is not a guarantee and in some cases can be very hard to do. Keep trying new methods and don’t give up. If you have successfully quit smoking habitually with the assistance of herbs or blends please feel free to share your experience.
Comment: I love your tampico gold & paragon flower buds mixed together. It makes for a happy mellow evening. Your stuff is the only stuff I’ve ordered so far that works! I ordered from 2 other herbal sights & went to a local smoke shop. All with no results. Just a raspy throat. I was wondering what the ingredients of your sticky buds are. I just want to know what I’m going to smoke before I order again. Also I wonder what you sell that works as good as the T-Gold & K-Buds together? Ready & willing to order the good stuff!!!I was able to quit smoking the illegal stuff with your help :)Thank you so much! 
Herbal fan! KT
Comment: Hi. I REALLY enjoyed the Island Magic. Gonna put mo money on my card and reorder that one! It’s helping me quit smoking cigarettes!! Is there anything you’d recommend, and tell me which is the best seller please. Thank you so much!!
Comment: Hi there! i just wanted to compliment u on ur products. i thoroghly enjoy them. i got the mugwart and speedy gonsalez and they are actually helping me quit smoking cigarettes, a habit ive had for 20 some odd years, and up to a pack and half a day. now im doin good if i smoke a total of 3-4 cigs aday! love your bizness and will def b a returning customer.
Comment: I did receive the package. Please pardon my harsh tone. I am trying to quit the illegal stuff. If anyone says it is not addictive, show them my email. I ran out of the other stuff last week and it was very difficult. I was thrilled to find your website. The EXDRO is great! It got me through the weekend. That is the first time in two and a half years that I got through an entire weekend. I will order many more times. I am looking forward to trying many more of your products. You are not only selling herbs, but a chance to get away from the bad habit. Thank you for providing a very good alternative. Please post my comments so that others hooked on the illegal stuff can know there is an alternative. 
Comment: You have the greatest strongest products on planet earth. I no longer touch the illegal stuff now. Thanks
Comment: Hi I recently ordered a sample pack of herbs… with the order came a sample pack with a gold label. On the label was a hand written description of “Klip Dagga” I have looked thru thru your web site but only find wild dagga. Is this the same thing? I am enjoying all the product and can honestly say that my cigarette consumption is down by 70 percent. I particularly like the klip dagga as it seems to be a dried leaf opposed to a blend. Any info is appreciated. Thanks D.H.
Comment: Aloha, I just read about your Apex flower bud……is it anything like wild dagga flower(wow!!, as soon as I can Iam ordering some…that sample was killer). Kinda diff when the color red. Anyhow I am a little hesitate about the bud, been burned before, but you guys or gals never did us wrong. That’s why I am asking about the effect. My husband (K—) passed his piss test after smoking the herbs from you guys and gals.(Home Security where he works) cool huh. I told him if he keeps smoking the real thing he is going to jail one day, he hasn’t smoked the real thing for 6 months…thanks to you guys and gals…and it’s legal!! hahaha……….keep up the good work of finding legal herbs……R & K
Comment: i just wanted to say thank you for the great service i wanted to leave feed back and could not find where .anyways im a longtime mj smoker and havent had any in a year due to complication. your exdro is the first alternitive herb ive ever smoked .im impressed who ever blended your herbs great job i was surprised how smooth and enjoyable .not heavy like mj but uplifting and defenitly put a smile and hapiness in my heart i would of never of thought .i smoked a j. of exdro to my self and its the happiest i have been in a year thanks so much sorry about my first order mess up im glad i decided to re order ill be back next week to try others if by any chance you could write me and possibly refer me to your top shelf i would be gratful im sure all are nice products but really your top shelf ideas would meen alot .much love and respect and thanks . i felt the need to write after reading some of the a.holes who left bad reviews .im a hardcore in the mj world and honestly i think your herbs so far on amazing .onelove

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