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Exdro ™

Exdro Gourmet All Flower Bud Smoke.
$20.00 1/2oz
Description: Out of this world legal buds. What a great product. Great looking smoke as well. Packed full of the good stuff for your smoking pleasure. This is the baddest flower bud product on the market period. Exdro ™ has been highly rated by experienced smokers. We do not need to hide our premium product behind fake backgrounds and digitally enhanced images. The premium smoke shown here is what ships to our customers.
Review: Dear Sun Coast, I am a 44 year old totally blind musician, and I can't say enough about your herbal smokes! The Paragon Flowers, and the Speedy Gonzales were truly enjoyable. I also appreciated the Super smoke, the Chronic Flex, and especially Exdro. I have benefited from the medicinal properties of your herbal smokes as anti anxiety aids. I was wanting to try your all buds sampler, but it said that you were out of stock on the sticky buds and the nugs. Will you be offering this sampler again? Thank you again for what you are doing. I know that I will be a repeat customer to your site...Yours truly, T. D. T, Abilene Texas. P.S.  I would gladly make an audio endorsement of your products, as I believe in their potential medicinal benefits for humanity. Please let me know how to send you an audio file.
Author: T. D. T.
4.9 4.9 Stars 31 Reviews
Brand: Sun Coast Organics
Product Number: EH
Condition: New and Unopened
Availability: In stock
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