You must be above the legal smoking age in your State or Country to view or purchase products from this site. All orders require an adult signature and are phone verified.

We are no longer accepting credit cards.

E-checks are a faster, more universal and secure, form of accepting payments online. Please read below for the full details regarding e-checks. The more transactions we process via e-check, the lower our rates are and we can pass that savings to our customers. Credit card companies and merchant account providers are simply not providing a service that is worth the 7 to 10% per transaction that they are asking. That is higher than sales tax in almost every state in the country.

Checking Out Via E-check

To our fantastic adult customers who are simply here to place an order, this is the fastest, easiest, most universal and secure method available.

Simply fill in your checking account routing #, account #, and place your order. The order information will be verified ( The name and address on the order form needs to match the name and address on the checking account. ) and your order will normally ship the same or next business day.


Warning: If, you are underage, have ideas about using someone else checking account, or are considering writing a bad check, Don’t. This service is handled directly through the banks which are federally regulated.

All banks are required to report any bad checks that they process.

  • Using someone else’s checking account to write an e-check is check fraud and in some cases forgery.
  • Writing bad checks is a crime and the banks will prosecute it.
  • You must be over the age of 18 to use this service.

Order Shipping and Tracking

Shipping: E-check orders are normally shipped the same or next business day they are verified. This does not include weekends and holidays. E-check orders are normally received within 3-7 business days.

The estimated time of arrival, 3-4 day for First Class Mail and 2-3 day for Priority Mail, is an estimated time the product will arrive at its destination after it has been shipped, not the amount of time it will take to receive an order from the day it was placed, and is not guaranteed by USPS.

Order Tracking $5.00:We now offer order tracking for an extra $5.00 on Standard Air Mail: 3-4 Day and Priority Mail: 2-3 Day. Customers who choose this service will be e-mailed their tracking # when the order ships. Orders that do not include the tracking option can only be reported lost if they are not received within 8 business days. We have not had any problems with orders not arriving.

Lost Orders: In 19 years USPS has never outright lost one of our packages. However on a very rare occasion an order will take much longer to arrive at its destination than estimated. If USPS does not deliver the package in 18 business days from the day it was shipped, we will refund the full cost of the order including shipping or re-ship the package.

Mail orders ( orders in which payment is mailed ) can take 2 – 4 weeks after payment was sent to be delivered.

Mail orders can only be reported lost 3 weeks after the money order was sent. Simply add your items to our secure shopping cart and choose pay via money order at check out. Then send you payment along with your order number to the address given to you at check out.

International Orders

We are not accepting orders outside the US at this time.

Some products can not be shipped internationally. It is the buyers responsibility to only order products that are legal in their country. Items sized by customs can not be not be refunded. Please contact us before placing an international order and we will help you will the process. Here is a Currency Converter.

Please include your Name, Shipping Address, E-mail, Phone # (required for age verification) the products you would like to order, $10.00 for USPS first class international shipping ( We can only accept US Cash or a Money Order in US Currency ).


If you are a legitimate retail store owner ( we do not wholesale to online retailers ) send us an e-mail.

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