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An outstanding smooth blend of high grade herbs makes Speedy Gonsalez™ a must have for those looking for a little more energy. Start smoking slowing until you learn how you enjoy smoking it. Do not smoke blends with Gaurana (high caffeine content) before going to sleep, as they may keep you going for hours.

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Description: When you need that little extra kick to get you started. Speedy Gonsalez™ is an organic Gaurana based smoking blend. Guarana has among the highest caffeine concentrations of any plant. It can contain up to 3.5% to 6.0% caffeine by weight. Coffee only has about 2%. Does not contain Ephedra.

Uses: Smokes best in a hand, water pipe or vaporizer. Not because it is harsh, it is actually a very smooth, 100% legal, high quality herbal smoking blend.

Cautions: Do not smoke Speedy before attempting to go to sleep. Contains: Gaurana (high caffeine content).

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    I recently recieved the Enhanced Sample Pack and the MA Sample Pack. A total of 11 tasty smokeables. I was stunned by the smoothness and pleasant taste of EVERY single sample. Although each is fairly distinct they all tasted and were as soothingly smooth as advertised. I would definately recommend both packs to anyone interested in buying quality smoking herbals. Tampico Gold and Mystical Journeys and very strong and full flavored. Sticky Buds rolled into the most amazingly sweet tasting hand rolled. The smooth burn and mellow taste make it perfect for rolling. BG Swats has an earthy flavor like nothing else. Killer Buds are just downright fun. Sorta like peeling mini avacados. RW-57, Super Smoke, Speedy Gonzalez are all better then I ever belived possible. I thank you for your fast and excellent service and will certainly be ordering again.
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