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Biggin Buddie Pollenite Original ™ is pure Cannabaceae Flower Pollen. Containing high levels of Caryophllene which may have anxiolytic, antidepressant and anti-alcoholism properties. Although it is highly pure and food grade, it is sold strictly for smoking purposes.

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Pollenite Original™ is pure Cannabaceae Flower Pollen (Humulus). There are many different strains of Humulus with large variations in properties. Pollenite has a great flavor and a high concentration of Caryophllene as well as particular terpenes.

Uses: Can be sprinkled on top of your favorite smoking blend or herb or smoked in its own. Enhances and flavors the smoke and will also cause the smoking herb or blend to burn much longer. Great product for vaporizers.

Comment: This is a brand new product so we will make some observations until we get smoke from a return customer. I have sampled this product and enjoy it. It has a nice flavor and it is a relaxing smoke. I also was able to observe that it is a very clean and pure product. I hope this is good enough for now. We are anxiously awaiting the first customer comments on this product.

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