Neon Circus™


A substantial hybrid combination of herbs and extracts. If you have not treated yourself to this premium and legal herbal smoke mixture please feel free to enjoy. One of the newest and most innovative blends on the market today.



This Enhanced blend has caught the herbal smoke industry off guard. If you are not one of the lucking ones who has tried this unusually enjoyable herbal smoking mixture feel free to enjoy a fresh bowl of Neon Circus today. The enhanced nature of an all natural herbal blend of flowers and full spectrum herbal extracts make Neon Circus™ smooth, flavorful and long lasting.

The ingredients for this product were updated sometime ago. We now use a flower base and feel it is smoother, burns better and is a superior base for the herbal extracts. Distributing them more evenly.

Uses: Neon Circus™ is an all around premium and 100% legal smoke that can be enjoyed in any smoking implement, including vaporizers, rolling papers, and pipes. Great to mix with other herbs and blends and is not habit forming so it could possibly help someone quit smoking habitually.

Customer Comment: RW-57 and Neon Circus were the same thing. Cant complain, because they work great. But I am not sure which one to order now.

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