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California Poppy premium hand sifted organic herb. California Poppy is possibly useful in promoting relaxation and aiding in the relief of insomnia and agitation.

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Botanical Name:  Eschscholzia Californica
Plant Family: Papaveraceae
Also Called: Golden Poppy, California Sunlight and Cup of Gold.


Perennial wildflower with highly-dissected, feathery, blue-green 1-3 in wide leaves that clasp its 1-2 ft stems. Its attractive solitary and long-stalked yellow and orange flowers with four-petals and a dark orange base only open on sunny days.


The Isolated alkaloids of California Poppy are californidine, escholtzine, N-methyllaurotetanine, caryachine, O-methylcaryachine, pavine, 6S and 12S-neocaryachine-7-O-methyl.


California Poppy is a wildflower  native to, and the official state flower of, California has now naturalized in many parts of the world.  It prefers full sun, sandy well-drained soils, and is considered to be drought tolerant.


The early Spanish settlers of California were said to be able to navigate their ships by the site of California Poppy’s yellow and orange flowers lighting up the coastal hillsides. Which many believe lead them to give the California Coast the nickname “land of fire,” and California Poppy the “cup of gold,” or “copa de oro” in spanish.

Recently California Poppy is said to have a history of possibly being used in a diffusion for treating various physical and psychological conditions including insomnia, bed wetting (incontinence), anxiety and nervous tension.


May cause drowsiness and complications with anesthesia.

Some herbs may have interactions with pregnancy, nursing or medications. Pregnant or nursing women & persons with health problems must consult a physician before use. The statements above have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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