Natives believe Sinicuichi has sacred or supernatural qualities, since they claim it helps them recall events which took place many years earlier. Others assert that they are able, with Sinicuichi, to remember pre-natal events.

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Botanical Name:  Heimia Salicifolia
Plant Family: Lythraceae
Also Called: The Sun Opener, Willow-leaf Heimia, San Francisco flowers and Shrubby Yellowcrest.


Heimia salicifolia is a perennial shrub with small narrow leaves and yellow flowers growing up to 5 ft.


The Isolated alkaloids are listed in order of concentration.
Major Alkaloids
1. Vertine ( cryogenine )
2. Lyfoline
3. Lythrine
Minor Alkaloids
4. Heimidine, a minor alkaloid
5. Lythridine, a minor alkaloid


Sinicuichi grows throughout central, northern Mexico and the southern US. Preferring the banks of ditches and streams of sunny and tropical climates.


Heimia Salicifolia may have been well known by many different indigenous tribes in Mexico, as it was given over 50 different folk names. Sinicuichi may have been used to treat high fevers, parasitic worms, a laxative, stomach problems and to cover open wounds to prevent bleeding and promote healing. Current research into four of the active compounds may be showing promising new applications: cryogenine may work as an anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and sedative; nesodine may possess anti-inflammatory properties as well; lythrine may be an effective diuretic; and sinicuichine may act as muscle relaxant and tranquilizer(Malone & Rother 1994).

Sinicuichi may have a history as a smoking herb as well. Natives may have rolled into a cigarette and smoked for a possibly pleasing experience, especially when combined with a potentiator such as Wild Dagga flowers.


When taken in large doses Sinicuichi may cause drowsiness, sedation, soreness of muscles or low blood pressure.

Some herbs may have interactions with pregnancy, nursing or medications. Pregnant or nursing women & persons with health problems must consult a physician before use. The statements above have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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