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Zen Trays are strong, durable and multipurpose.  Store, clean and roll your herbs or blends.  We are unable to find a more versatile cigarette rolling tray for anywhere near the price. “Keeps it all together!”

We offer Zen Rolling Trays for use with legal herbs and blends only.

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For very easy manufacturing of herbal cigarettes. Provides a safe, sturdy place for your rolling machine and tools. Compartment for a roller and papers to keep them separate from the herb or blend. This soft plastic rolling tray is easy to clean and will not crack like hard plastic or bend like Metal. The tray is course so it catches the smoking material while letting the heavy stems and sticks slide in to the bottom where they can be removed. The top is also course so when you put your clean product on it for machining it says put. The high-quality rubber gasket that gives the Zen Tray an extra tight seal.

Customer Comment: These trays have been made for years and I have owned 2 in the last 20 years making it my favorite tray ever. This tray is not just for rolling joints and tobacco but it does a great job at that. Nice large flat work surface that I can also put my small silicone dab mat on when working with concentrates. The the lower compartment I use for ash, steams, etc.and the upper compartment is large enough to hold a small grinder, pipe tool, pipe and hemp wick. Easily could hold a rolling machine and multiple packs of papers if you are using as a rolling tray. Lid is also very sturdy and secure and the tray sits easily on a table or your lap. Also easy to clean with simple soap and hot water. I was very surprised that these are still made and jumped at buying it again after the one I had so many years ago.

Video demonstration of the Zen Rolling Tray

Zen Tray Brochure

Zen Tray Brochure
Zen Tray Brochure

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Weight 11 oz
Dimensions 12 x 16 x 1.5 in


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