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Made of 100% pure chemical free hemp and natural gum arabic glue, Chills Alien 1.25″ Rolling Papers are your ideal choice for lightweight hemp rolling papers.





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Introduced by Chris Hill in 1996, Chills coined the phrase “tree free rolling papers”.

Chills took the purity of their papers very seriously even refusing to use the “burning salts” that some cigarette papers use to promote burning. Chills is also the first hemp papers to be approved by US Customs and they controlled the manufacture of their own papers.

We did business with Chills from very early on and, after doing this Chills Papers Page, became a bit nostalgic.  Here are some images from the late 90s and early 2000s.

Chills Papers

Chills Catalog

Chills Army T-Shirt

Chills Tell a Friend

Chills Queen of Smoke

Chills Hemp Facts

Chills Brand Rolling Papers were sold to HBI International, who is now the owner and distributor of the brand.

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