Juicy Jay’s 1.25″


Juicy Jay’s 1.25″ Rolling Papers are flavored by a triple-dip flavor system and use a natural plant based glue. After rolling moisten the back of the gumline to seal. To prevent runs and create a smooth burn these papers use a revolutionary watermark.

32 leaves per pack.
3″ x 1.25″

We offer Juicy Jay’s Rolling Papers for use with legal herbs and blends only.

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Did you know that the average human has about 10,000 taste buds; however, they’re not all on the tongue. Some are under the tongue; some are on the inside of the cheeks; some are on the roof of the mouth. Some can even be found on the lips; that’s why Juicy Papers and Wraps taste so amazingly good. Juicy has 3X more flavor than any other of their “bland” competitors!

There is a lot of funny folklore and rumors as to the history of the name Juicy Jay’s. The true story is the founder was a big fan of LL Cool J and obtained the nickname “Cool Jay”.

So when he was trying to think of a name for his new menthol rolling papers the name Cool Jay’s seemed a good fit. The next flavor he came up with was Watermelon and  he appropriately named it “Juicy Jay’s” Watermelon.  Later came the famous Java Jay’s, Jay’s rolls and now 40 flavors of Juicy Jay’s.


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Weight .25 oz
Dimensions 3 x 1.25 x .25 in



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