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High quality 1.25″ rice paper with 32 leaves per booklet.  JOB rolling papers, produced in Perpignan, France by Republic Tobacco, have been one of the most popular cigarette papers since 1838.

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Jean Bardou came up with his plan of creating a pack of cigarette rolling papers made of thin, pure rice paper in 1838.  The original trademark was the letters J and B separated by a diamond ( that was mistaken for a capital O by consumers ).  This lead to people referring to the JB Rolling Papers as Job Papers. In 1849 Bardon filed a patent for what are now known as JOB Rolling Papers.

Soon after in 1852 Jean Bardou died and the JOB brand was purchased by his son Pierre Bardou in 1853.

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Job Papers are now owned and distributed by Republic Tobacco.  Republic Tobacco was founed by Donald Levin and is now the largest roll-your-own tobacco company in the world operating in over 90 countries.


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