Sun Coast Organics has been in business since 1999 and over that last 19 years we have had some absolutely false and fake reviews and ripoff reports made regarding our business. It was our policy to simply ignore them, but they have started to pile up a bit. Seven have been made over the last 9-10 years and we are now going to set the record straight.

Fake reviews and false reports have become a big issue, for not just the smoking blends industry, for all internet businesses. To find more information, you can simply do a google search.

Please take the time to read the information, have a look at the fake and false reviews and posts, and make a determination for yourself.

This is a completely false and fake post made 05/09/14 on the Shroomery.

We will list the false statements and respond one at a time.
Completely False Statement #1

An hour or so after I placed my order I decided to look up some reviews for this so called online herb shop, I was pretty disappointed with what people had to say. In fact i was so disappointed with what ex customers had to say that I emailed them asking to cancel my order”.

Truth: This persons order was immediately deleted because they attempted to place an order with someone else’s credit card. They were never even charged.

Completely False Statement #2

I got an email back on Wednesday saying that they had no idea that that order was ever placed. I emailed them back adamantly stating what I ordered (half an ounce of “sticky budz) with the order number included once again, this is how they responded:

“This order has been deleted.

We think it would be best for the both of us if you took your business elsewhere.


Truth: This person e-mailed us from an e-mail that was not associated with their order, and included no order #. They were e-mailed back asking them what order they were referring to. We then responded with the above statement.

This order has been deleted.

We think it would be best for the both of us if you took your business elsewhere.


Why would we have asked them to take their business elsewhere if they had contacted us about cancelling their order?

Here is a link to this completely fake post.

This completely false “ripoff report” was made on July 31, 2016.

Completely False Statement #1
He tells me that my order has been voided, which should mean that my card wasn’t charged.

Truth: This persons order was voided because their credit card billing address did not match their shipping address. When a credit card transaction is voided there is a temporary hold placed on the persons account. It will usually be listed as “Pending”.

Completely False Statement #2
“Then he claims my card was declined, and when I show him it wasn’t, he starts in on a tirade of abuse.

Truth: This person was told that if they were able to contact their bank and straighten out the issue with their address we would be more than happy to attempt to process their order again. We did and the credit card was declined. The pending charge this person is referring to was from the first voided transaction.

Completely False Statement #3
“DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS MAN. He is an angry little Trump supporter, who does business just like that bloviating arsehat does. Now I have to wait up to ten days to get my money back, not to mention have my card temporarily blocked, to keep this useless individual from taking any more of my money. So, $75 bucks down the drain.

Truth: Sun Coast Organics is a business not a Man. We have no political affiliation whatsoever and welcome any coherent, responsible adults here. Again none of this persons “bucks” went down the drain. There was only a pending transaction placed on the card because the billing address of the credit card did not match the shipping address. A voided transaction is never charged to an account. Depending on the credit card provider, it will usually drop off in a couple of days.

Here is a link to the full false scam report.

This is a fake video review of one of our products posted on Jan 23, 2010.

What is funny about this is, a couple of people busted them right on the page.

There is also a person who posted on the video who goes by the name Oaktown Raider. Not only did we never scam him, he sent us a money order for over a hundred dollars and we sent it back to him because he was, for whatever reason, unable to follow the simple ordering guidelines of our site. I think it would have been his second order.

Have a look at the fake video review and decide for yourself.

Here are two completely false reviews made on the same “Scam Report Site”.

Completely false review #1 Nov 8, 2014

Completely false statement
“Scam Alert! This is a garage toilet company! All reviews in the website are fake! You will never see your not even a company,is a junkie stealing money. AVOID AT ALL COST!!

Truth: Sun Coast Organics has been in business since 1999. All of the customer feedback on our site is unsolicited and from certified return customers. We have the fastest shipping in the industry. In 19 years we have never accepted payment and not shipped an order. No one who works here is a junkie or has ever scammed one of our customers.

Completely false review #2 Jul 7, 2014
This person posted completely false information on two separate scam report sites.

Completely false statement
I purchased a smoking blend from him and he later during the day sends me a complete bull sh*t message saying “My order has been deleted, we cannot ship to your address” and says nothing more, THEN he takes the money out of my account anyway and begins completely ignoring me and I never hear from him again.

Truth: Sun Coast Organics is a business not a person. This person placed an order, the shipping address matched the credit card billing address, and the order was verified. When we went to ship this persons order, USPS would not allow us to print postage because the address was invalid. The order was automatically voided and the person was immediately contacted letting them know we were unable to print postage for their order because the address was invalid, and their order had been voided until the issue with their address could be resolved. The next time we heard anything from them was when they started posting on the “Scam Sites”. They never contacted us again and were never charged.

Have a look at the “Fake Scam Reviews” and decide for yourself.

You can also have a look at his duplicate “Completely Fake Scam Report” here.

This is another completely false review posted October 24, 2016 on “Ripoff Reports”.

Completely false statement #1
I made an order from this company, my money was taken, my order never processed.

Truth: False. Unfortunately due to issues with the order this persons order could not be verfied. There was never even a pending charge placed on this persons account.

Completely false statement #2
The owner Jim is a terrible business owner. I left a google review for his company- and instead of being a man, he DELETED HIS COMPANY from google.

Truth: Jim is our customer service manager not the owner. We have never deleted Sun Coast Organcs Store Listing from google.

Completely false statement #3
The owner made two facebooks and then rated himself!

Truth:  Sun Coast Organics did not have a Facebook page at the time this fake review was made.

Completely false statement #4
I had to call my bank to stop the payment.

Truth: Totally false. This person was never charged. Their order was unable to be verified.

Completely false statement #5
Their order details indicated you would receive a call to verify age- I did not receive any calls.

Truth: This person did not receive a verification call because, due to other issues with the order, we were not going to be able to verify it. We very nicely explained that to her, but she kept demanding that we call her. We also offered her the option of paying via money order.

Completely false statement #6
BUYER BEWARE. They also are not FDA approved- so their use of the word organic is a lie and cannot be proven. NOT ORGANIC.

Truth: This is absolutely false. Whether or not an herbal product is certified organic is between the grower and the FDA. Not the person selling the herbs. The truth is, almost all of the herbs we offer are either wild crafted or organic. The only time we will use non organic product is if we are unable to get wild crafted or organic, or if it is of higher quality.

Have a look at this “Fake Scam Review” and decide for yourself.

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