Our exclusive combination of gourmet flower buds and high grade herbal extracts produce an enjoyable, exquisite smoke unlike anything else. Just ask our return customers. Unlike the other blends we offer ( excluding the all flower smoke Mystic Hookah ) these 100% legal buds contain only natural high grade herb flowers. They do not contain any leaf. Nor do they contain any binders, fillers or chemicals. Our products have always been 100% natural and legal. If you have tried herbal buds in the past and been disappointed by their harshness and lack of pure smoking pleasure, try one of our amazing all natural high grade smokable flower buds.

Due to the legalization of cannabis for medical use in the State of Florida and recreational use in several states, we want to make it very clear that our products are not marijuana and do not contain any hemp, marijuana, THC or CBD. We have no evidence that our products are alternatives to medical marijuana. We strive to offer herbal smoking alternatives that are 100% natural, safe, when used as directed, ( other than the known side effects of smoking ) and enjoyable.

Question: What is the purpose of the herbal extracts?
Answer: This is a good question. They add flavor and more to the smoking experience. For example they can often help smooth out the smoke and they can help the product burn slower and longer.

Cautions: Safe for healthy adults, aside from the known risks associated with smoking, but strictly an adult product. Some herbs may have interactions with pregnancy, nursing or medications. Pregnant or nursing women & persons with health problems must consult a physician before use. May cause drowsiness in some people. Following use do not attempt to operate any vehicles or machinery.

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