A Dugout consists of a one-hitter or bat and a box that has a cylindrical hole to store the “bat” or pipe and the substance that will be smoked. The compartment that contains the material is just the right depth to allow someone to push the bowl end of the bat pipe into the material, pressing it against the bottom of the compartment, tightly packing the one-hitter bowl. Dugouts are usually made from wood but can be bone, acrylic, aluminum, steel, titanium, other metals or plastic. Some modern dugouts, that have extra compartments for rolling papers, pokers and even lighters, are a tangible “replacement” for a pack of cigarettes and may assist people with smoking cessation.

A one-hitter or “bat” is typically a small cigarette shaped pipe or “chillum”, with a bowl that is sharp so it can be pushed into the smoking material and a stem for the person to draw from, designed for a single inhalation, or “hit”, of herb. The dry herbal material is packed into the pipe and all of it is smoked with one hit. The ash is discarded and the bowl is refilled for future use. This allows the user to smoke fresh material every time and get the most of the herbs, because none of the smoke is lost.

Bat pipes were traditionally made out of brass but modern one-hitters can be aluminum, ceramic or glass. The ceramic and aluminum bats are usually designed to look like a filtered cigarette.

We are unable get a definitive answer as to when the modern dugout was invented, but most agree they have been around for well over 40 years.

It is our goal to offer Dugout Pipes of the finest quality, functionally and durability at the best possible price. That is why we carry slide top Dugouts with heavy duty aluminum bats.

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