It is our intention to offer the very best water pipes in terms of quality, durability and functionally for an excellent price. Water pipes that are enjoyable, easy to clean & use, and properly cool & filter the smoke.


What is a Bong?
We do not like to use the word bong ( tubular water pipe ) because of the misconception that it means cannabis pipe. The word bong does not mean “cannabis pipe” at all. It comes from the Thai word baung (Thai: บ้อง, [bɔ̂ŋ]), which means cylindrical wooden tube, pipe, or bamboo container. Furthermore, Hookahs are essentially “bongs” and everyone knows they are used for smoking tobacco. Although they can be, and are, used for smoking many different types of plant material “herbs”. If a substance is smoked then it is likely it will be smoked through a “pipe” or smoking device.  Obviously it does not indicate that particular smoking device was designed, and is only used, for smoking that substance. It is simply a smoking device and history clearly shows humans have used smoking devices to smoke a wide ranging amount of substances.

History of the Water Pipe.
Tubular water pipes have been used for thousands of years. The Scythians ( Eurasian nomads ) smoked gold  tubular water pipes over 2400 years ago.

Water pipes and to tobacco were introduced into China, through Persia and the Silk Road, during the late Ming Dynasty (16th century). Medicail herbs have been widely used throughout China and prescribed to be smoked. During the Qing Dynasty water pipes became the most popular method to smoke tobacco. The water pipe was preferred by Empress Dowager Cixi. She was buried with at least three water pipes and some of her pipe collections can still be viewed in the Palace Museum. During this period tubular water pipes were constructed from bamboo and metals. The more elegant metal versions were often decorated with gold, silver and precious jewels.

What is a Water Pipe?
Water pipes are made from glass, bamboo, acrylic, metals and silicone and use a bowl to burn the herbs,a stem to carry the smoke to the water, and water to filter the smoke.  The smoke is drawn through water to produce a cooler smoother smoke and remove ash, soot and other unwanted materials from the smoke. After the smoke is drawn through the water it is held in the tube of the pipe until the either the “carb” is released or, in slider water pipes, the bowl and stem are pulled out allowing air into the pipe and the smoke out. Allowing further cooling of the smoke and heaver partials to settle out of it. This is the reason for the tubular design and the smoking being pulled upward.

Are there benefits to smoking a water pipe?
The water can trap some heavier particles and water-soluble molecules, preventing them from entering the smoker’s airways. A study was don to examine the composition of water-filtered and non-filtered herb and tobacco smoke. It found that when alveolar macrophages were exposed to unfiltered smoke, their ability to fight bacteria was reduced, unlike exposure to water-filtered smoke. It also found possible epidemiological evidence of a lower incidence of carcinoma among tobacco smokers who used water-pipes, as opposed to cigarettes, cigars, and regular pipes.

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