What is a bubbler pipe?
A bubbler is a glass hand pipe, with water filtration, that provides a very unique smoking experience and surprised many people the first time they smoke one.

How do you maintain and clean a Bubbler?
It is important and very easy to keep a bubbler clean. Change the water and rinse out the pipe with warm water on a regular basis. This will keep the pipe clean and provent the pipe from needing to be deep cleaned for long periods of time.

As far as removing all of the build up on the pipe when it becomes necessary, we do not recommend boiling. Not because it may damage the glass, because it can coat the entire pipe inside and out with a thin sticky film that is hard to get off.

Alcohol works very well for cleaning bubblers, and it does not need to be rubbing alcohol. Vodka or other spirits will also do the trick. Fill the pipe will the Alcohol and plug the holes so it will not leak out. Then shake the pipe, let is sit and shake it again. Eventually it will come clean.

The two main types of Bubblers are Sherlocks and Hammers.
Hammer Bubblers somewhat resemble a hammer. Basically it looks like a standard hand pipe with water filtration.

Sherlock Bubblers look like a traditional Sherlock pipe. Sherlock bubblers have a curved stem that lowers the bowl of the pipe in comparixon to the mouth piece.It can be beneficial in keeping any of the water from being inhaled with the smoke.

How do you smoke a Bubbler?
You smoke a bubbler like a hand pipe. There are some tricks to it that most folks catch onto very fast.

1. The water level should only cover a half inch of the stem. If the bowls stem is any deeper that that it can cause water to be inhaled with the smoke.
2. Drag evenly on the pipe and not to hard. Drawing to hard on a bubbler may result in water being inhaled with the smoke.
3. As mentioned earlier it is important to maintain a bubbler. Replacing the water and rinsing the pipe often.
4. If you are not using the pipe, empty the water. If the water evaporates in the pipe it will leave a film of minerals that are hard to get off.

Over all Bubblers are great and very easy to, maintain, clean and smoke.

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