Herb grinders are cylindrical, with two halves that separate and allow herbs to be placed in between them. The design of the grinder allows both halves to freely turn so the herbs can be shredded by the teeth or pegs that protrude from either side of the grinder.

Quality herb grinders that process herbs to smoke are not designed to grind the herbs. The material is processed to be uniform ( all of the broken up pieces of the herbs should be the same size ) and the right size for smoking.

This results in a material that burns evenly and is perfect for rolling herbal cigarettes. 

Modern herb grinders are normally made of metal, wood or plastic and come with a variate of different features.  Some have compartments for storing ground material for example.

There are electric grinders, hand cranked grinders ( with a crank that is turned to grind the material ) and standard herb grinders.

It is our goal to offer herb grinders that perform perfectly at the best possible price. For almost all individuals we believe that is just a standard herb grinder. They last a very long time and are able to process a very large amounts or herbs. 

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