We offer rolling machines & trays of high quality and endurance. There is a skill to using these cigarette machines but once you get the hang of it, rolling nearly perfect cigarettes is easy. They can also help conserve your herbs and use smaller cigarette papers.

How to roll a cigarette with a rolling machine.

Step One
Clean and prepare your material. Remove any seeds or stems and process the herbs by hand or using an herb grinder until they are of a uniform consistency. Many herbal smoking blends may already be processed, but it is worth giving the material a look over before rolling a cigarette.

Step Two
Open the rolling machine and insert the herbs evenly into the roller. Close the machine and turn the rolling matt. This will compress the material and distribute it evenly.

Step Three
Open the machine and check the consistency of the herbs. Make sure they are evenly distributed and there is not to much or to little material.

Step Four
Once you have the proper amount of material in the roller and it is evenly distributed, close the roller and insert a rolling paper between the rollers, with the glue on top and facing you. Make sure it is straight.

Step Five
Roll the front roller upward and the back roller downward drawing the rolling paper into the machine. You can roll them in the opposite direction to remove the paper if it is not straight. Once you have it straight, roll the paper down into the rolling machine until most of it is in the roller while leaving the glue exposed.

Step Six
Moisten the glue strip and roll the paper fully into the machine. Make sure to roll it all the way in so the glue sticks to the paper.

Step Seven
Remove your cigarette! It takes some finesse and skill but once you get it down you can roll very nice cigarettes fast and consistently.

Smoke Shop products are only sold for use with legal herbs.

Attention: We do not sell smoking accessories in the State of Florida. The State of Florida considers these products tobacco products. We do not sell any smoking accessories for use with tobacco.

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