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Kaleidoscope ™ Smoking Blend

Kaleidoscope Herbal Smoking Blend
$20.00 oz
Description: Kaleidoscope ™ smoking blend is an excellent combination of strong herbs and flavor. This blend contains wormwood ( Artemisia absinthium ) which has a reputation for being very strong in flavor. As a matter of fact it is used in the flavoring of Vermouth a beverage used in mixed drinks. It is also said to have been used for medicinal purposes.
Uses: This organic double hand sifted blend is perfect for, vaping, rolling tobacco free herbal cigarettes and cigars, pipes, and water pipes. It can also be smoked in a hookah but has a very strong flavor.
Cautions: Wormwood may have interactions with pregnancy, nursing and medications.
Review: Hey there Jim! I just got my Kaleidoscope herbs in the mail today and it's awesome! :).
Author: Return Customer
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Brand: Sun Coast Organics
Product Number: KLO
Condition: New and Unopened
Availability: In stock
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