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Tampico Gold Herbal Solid
Tampico Gold Herbal Solid
A great smooth legal smoke comprised of the best Mexican smoking herbs and extracts. A little goes a long long way! High Quality Gourmet solid herbal smokable. This is pure herbal product - no additives or fillers. Very strong legal alternative smoking mixture. An adult signature is required as with all our products.

Tampico Gold is a very smooth satisfying smoke. Good for giving that favorite herbal blend a little kick and flavor. Simply crumble some on top of your blend and enjoy. Smoked on its own Tampico Gold is a smooth burning sweet tasting smoke. If sprinkled on a blend it can be burned very well in a water pipe, hand pipe or rolled. We also need to mention the fact Tampico Gold is an exceptional value all one feels the need to smoke is a very small amount.  Enjoy some today.

$20.00 1/4oz
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