The Zig-Zag brand, based in Paris, was founded in 1855 by Maurice and Jacques Braunstein.  Zig-Zag produces a wide varity of roll-your-own products including cigarette rolling papers, tubes and rolling machines and accessories. They have recently introducted the Zig-Zag Vaporizer.

Zig Zag cigarette rolling papers are made from wood pulp, *new* hemp but mainly flax, and use natural gum Arabic glue.

The thin glue line of gum arabic provides a perfect seal ( every time ). Gum Arabic, comes from sap of the African Acacia Tree, is tasteless and provides a strong,  consistent seal.

 Every rolling paper goes through a complex watermarking process that provides a distinctive sign of superior quality Zig-Zag Calls “Qualite Superieure”.

Zig-Zag is the No. 1 brand in the cigar wraps wraps.  The cigar tube a wraps are made from tobacco, utilize a unique flavor application system and come in a resealable foil pouch.

The roll-your-own company was awarded a gold medal at the Universal Exposition in Paris in 1900.

Unfortunately, during World War II  Zig-Zag’s original factory in Mantes-la-Jolie was destroyed and all production was shifted to the Thonon factory.

In 1950, after Jacques Braunstein passed away, Zig-Zag was sold to a partnership of the Group Bolloré and competitor JOB. Zig-Zag became part of Republic Technologies of which Group Bolloré owns 19 percent, in 2000.

The zouave soldier portrayed on the front of Zig-Zag products AKA “Zig-Zag man” or “Captain Zig-Zag” in a depiction of a member of this French North African regiment. It is said to have originated from a story about a solder who’s pipe was shot and rolled a cigartte from a piece of paper torn from a musket cartridge.

At present Zig-Zag products are still made in France and are marked by Turning Point Brands in the US,  Republic Technologies in Europe by and Tsuge Pipes in Japan.

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